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Simkin Scripting Language


Simkin has the following main features:

  • Available for Java™ or C++ and XML
  • Easy to embed - by overriding base classes or implementing interfaces
  • Easy to script - the syntax is simpler than Javascript!
  • Low runtime overhead - you control the memory, no garbage collection
  • Low memory footprint - Simkin for Java is a 50k Jar file, Simkin for C++ is a 200k lib file for Visual C++
  • Flexible script files - they can contain data as well as code
  • Flexible Object Model - impose the object model you choose for your scripters
  • Cross platform - written in standard code for Windows, Unix, Mac and more
  • Source code provided - customization and support available

For more information, please see Simkin's documentation pages, or look at the case-studies.