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Simkin Scripting Language

Case Studies

Simkin is currently being used by thousands of people as part of applications that include the following:

(To learn more about how Simkin was incorporated into these programs, please click on the links below)

  • Animals of Farthing Wood - a childrens' adventure game from BBC multimedia
  • Sibelius- a best-selling music notation program
  • FillMySpace- online Java webpage building applet
  • A 3D game- from Jerry Bradshaw
  • A 3D Flight Simulation Game - from Tim Auld
    "I'm going to first design a scripting system for user interface screens, and later investigate other uses" - Tim Auld
  • Flatland - a 3D toolkit for online virtual reality interactions. They use Simkin to embed scripting into their 3DML format XML files.
  • Orcish Tribes - a 3D fantasy game. Simkin is used for the AI behaviour of the characters in the game.
  • Braien - a multiplatform framework for writing business applications. Simkin used to evaluate a custom value of database columns.
  • Reality Factory - Reality Factory is an Open Source set of tools that allow non-programmers to create 3D games. Simkin is used as the scripting language for the AI of the nonplayer characters and as the engine behind the conversation system. Simkin allows the game creators to customize their nonplayer characters without having to change the game's source code but by simply editing a script file. Simkin will be used to allow customization of the skydome and to allow the creation of custom projectiles and weapons.
  • Lateral Arts Toolbar - an Internet Explorer toolbar, scripted using Simkin C++/TreeNode
  • Push TV - broadcast-quality video delivery and playback system. Simkin is used to script the server-side in Java/TreeNode, and the client-side in C++/XML
  • Mobile Bristol - scripting mobile applications using Simkin C++/XML on Windows CE
  • Project Gilgamesh - a spreadsheet application for Java MIDP/Symbian.
  • Control Software for automated manufacturing systems - We plan to use Simkin for the definition of a rule base of a control software for automated manufacturing systems. This software controls the different manufacturing operations (transport, handling, machining). For each product, we have specific material flows. Thus, we need to adapt the control software whenever we introduce a new product. To avoid changing the source code, we would like to use Simkin scripts to specify the required conditional statements that connect status variables of the controller with control functionality.
  • Exchange Rate Applet - the developed has created a web application framework that can be described by an xml configuration file containing the description for the Model-View-Controller parts of the app.
  • Photo uploader ActiveX/Applet - Simkin was used with XML to "skin" the Photobox uploader component. One kind of component is an ActiveX built using C++, the other is an Applet built using Java 1.2. The same skin file and scripts can be used for both.

Here are some ideas about how Simkin might be used:

  • Scripting the creation and manipulation of databases
  • scripting simulation systems
  • driving functional testing through scripts
  • as a means of users expressing business rules for an e-commerce system
  • scripting games
  • validating input data
  • providing bindings for user interface events, such as mouse clicks and keystrokes
  • giving an application a "macro" facility
  • providing an interface to a job control system