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Simkin Scripting Language



Simkin is an Open-Source product covered by the conditions of the GNU LGPL licence.

Download Java version 1.28
Download C++ version 2.22

Download older versions

The product is available free, and full support and customization of the product are available at flexible rates, please contact us about your requirements.

CVS Repository Access

We are in the process of putting the Simkin code into CVS on Sourceforge.

If you would like to contribute code to the project, please get in touch.

To access the CVS repository, please visit:

Unofficial port to .NET/C#

An unofficial port of Simkin for C#/.NET has been placed at the SourceForge CVS repository:

For info on accessing the CVS repository directly, please visit:

Expat 1.95.5 for Windows CE and Symbian OS

We have produced a slightly altered version of Expat for use with Simkin on Windows CE 3.0 and Symbian OS

You can download it here.

Note: Simkin for C++ contains a library of DOM classes which can be used in conjunction with the Expat parser